yellowbrickrdWelcome to Paradise Road!  Reminds me of a song.  Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty….Oh Take me home.  But before you can go home, you have to travel that yellow brick road. It’s most important to notice one very important thing that has been going on  lately. I’d like to speak of  the “yellow brick road”. You know, that road you follow to get to that projected image.  That road of lifes journey.  The one that tells you how to get a brain.  How to properly install a heart. To instill that courage you feel in need of.  For it is certain that this projected image has the KEY.  It sends you on a journey to find these things.  It is a perilous journey. One filled with peaks and valleys. One that tells you of a future vision. Where freedom rings, and all will be well.

Once you get there you’ll have to follow the next journey given by the projection on the screen from OZ. The projection tells you many secrets to find that journey of life and utopia.  It will take you home. It tells you all you want to hear. It gives you short cuts, and instruction. It will often times charge you for services rendered. Lesson one, pull out your wallet, and free yourself of the evil dollar. Follow me to your bliss. You will not be sorry, for it’s the only way to survive the wicked witch of the West. It has the key, and all you have to do is follow.

But if you remember one thing about that wizard of Oz, it was projected by a man behind the curtain. A man who fell to Oz one day, and became a legend among the folks from Oz. Because he has something no one else had. They made him a hero, and followed his every word. If you recall he was nothing more that a snake oil salesman, who fell to Oz, much the same as Dorothy.

In the journey of Dorothy and her companions, she ran into a good witch, and a bad witch.  In the end, it was not the man from Oz that truly helped her to get back home. The man from Oz let her know, she had the ruby slippers all along. It was within her all along to get back home. She had the power within.

When you look outside for that inner knowing, you will only run into a source outside yourself.  A journey of the soul, and self begins from within.

Now let’s talk about the journey home.  Along the way as you search for the truth, you’ll run into  many bumps in the road.  Those that would delay your journey.  Those that tell you this is the ‘truth”.

Several weeks ago a woman presented a challenge.  She said, “If you think you can do better, it’s your responsibility to go for it”.  “The truth movement is too important to ignore”.  You know something? She’s right.  But here’s the thing, she is not going to like what I present here shortly.  Because I’m going to editorialize in my point of view.  You see,  I’ve had a lot more experience than she has in this truth dissemination. I’ve actually spent some time fact checking.  I don’t simply post outdated videos, that have already been dissected in the past or articles that are completely misleading meant to sway with unfounded facts for opinion.  I can actually discuss this road trip in an intelligent manner.

There are many turns and twists on Paradise Road.  Several side roads to inspect. Some of those roads will make you laugh, some will make you go hmmm?  But in the end it should pave a way for you to use your own discretion . Agree or disagree, it will make you think twice.  Of this I am certain.  When I see those who claim to speak from a “mantle of truth”, derived and plagiarized from others who have worked hard to bring to light the very things they claim is “new” and important information…then I’m going to call them out.  And If I see a false prophet, or a savior figure who’s here to fix all your problems I’m going to call a spade a spade.  No holes barred here.

 I understand the circus is in town.  So I’m going to buy a ticket and see the show.  Catch you on the flip side!