To the best of my ability I have tried to sum up myself for this page.  I’ve been a business woman for over twenty years.  Now retired.  What I bring next is a very simple explanation as to “who I am”, that I should enter the arena of editorials into the coming days and events that effect us all.

After some events that shook the world, I broke down in tears.  This was the resulting summation.  I asked myself what can I do?  Who am I?  Just a simple mother with a fear my children will not grow up to see the beauty this world should encompass!  So here is the brunt of that summation.

Who am I? I’m a mother of three sons, and two grandchildren. I’m a musician, I’m the one you pass at the market when shopping.  I cry at sad movies, and happy endings. I’m the one you honk at while at the traffic light, because I’m changing the radio station and not paying attention to the light. I’m the one who can’t stand to see the starving children in deprived countries. I’m the one who stood by and watched the twin towers fall in disbelief. I’m the one who watched the United States go to war for the sake of oil and power. I’m the one who woke up to the fact that it is all an illusion. One created to use us against each other.

I’m the one who want’s to wake up and find that the illusion is over.  That mankind stood up and said , we are through with your lies, we want only the truth and nothing else will be acceptable. We will stop working your war machine, we want nothing to do with your power agendas. We want to see the starvation and suffering ended. We want the children to be nothing but loved. We hold our future dear to us and will not accept your blatant lies. We don’t care about your boarders, we care about our neighbors.  We send them love. We bless them with kindness and giving. We will rebuild our future with strength of compassion. Hate is not a word we use in our vocabulary. Giving is our key to success.

Then and only then will the tears I shed today turn tears of joy. Then mankind can collect the grand prize.  The universal prize of humanity shedding it’s mask of animal behavior.  Then we will be able to join the ranks of Sharing universal love of humanity and creation throughout the universe.

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